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Portrait Concert "Liquid Identities" in Bern

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Last December, I had a fantastic portrait concert in Bern, Switzerland organized by IGNM Bern following their call for projects. The concert, entitled "Liquid Identities", took place at the Aula of PROGR, Zentrum für Kulturproduktion and featured four pieces for soloists and live media. Huge thanks and congratulations to Nathanael Gubler (viola), Tatiana Timonina (flute), Bera Romairone (saxophone), Jana Luksts (piano) and Stylianos Dimou (live media). Special thanks to Nemanja Radivojevic and Claudia Blacha for the organization.

More information:

A short synopsis of the concert:

At the train station carrying some gear.

Bera in between rehearsals.


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