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Delian Academy's "Lithophonia" in Tinos island

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

After much time without any in-person activities, the Delian Academy for New Music returned to the Cycladic landscape of Tinos island to present the final projects of the interdisciplinary project "Lithophonia".

The project included the research, creation, and presentation of new sculptural idiophones and music compositions as a result of the interdisciplinary collaboration between young sculptors and composers. The program was held in a hybrid mode, with workshops and composition lessons taking place online and the final exhibition-concert taking place in Pyrgos, Tinos. The performance-exhibition included compositions by Konstantinos Baras, Marianna Chalampalaki, Kostas Zisimopoulos, and my piece "TANIT" performed by the percussionists of ensemble ARTEfacts.


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