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Music for ensembles or soloists with or without electronics.

Music composed for specific projects in collaboration with visual or performing artists.

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intra- (2019) for viola and live media

assemblage 1 (2018) for viola and live media

Liquid Identities

4 pieces for soloists and live audiovisual media

excerpts from PROGR Zentrum für Kulturproduktion

December 2019, Bern, Switzerland

 (sic.) (2018) for string quartet

"as above so below" (2011-12) for solo piano

μ-errata (2018) for vocal quartet

δια-  (2016) for chamber ensemble + soprano voice

In Limbo (2016-17) for string quartet + live electronics

Esotera I (2012) for mixed quartet

Nyktor (2015) for Reed Quintet

Hypophora I (2015) for bass recorder

Esotera III (2014) for String Quartet

Esotera II (2013) for Piano Trio

Peristylion (2010) for Piano and Live Electronics (video excerpts)

Kitty (2013) for female voice and live electronics

Pisyressin (2011) for String Quartet

Enkhea (2009) for Chamber Ensemble

Untitled I (2008) for Solo Piano

Cocci I (2013) for Fixed Media



Ziggurat (2013), music (live coding) for installation [excerpt]

Terra (2013), music (live coding) for dancers  [excerpt]

Cocci II (2014) for Laptop Duet

We 3 (2013), music performance for pianist, folk indian singer, and dancer  [excerpt]

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