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Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and The Panteion University, Vol. 6

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking part in the sixth edition of "Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and The Panteion University". Curated by Lorenda Ramou (Onassis Stegi) and George Michael Klimis (Panteion University, Athens) the program commissioned five Greek composers to write new works for chamber ensembles.

My new piece “Trio” (2021) was conceived as a work of open performative form. That is, it calls upon audiences to select the instruments that will perform it, thus ensuring that a new sound experience can result each time. The work’s world premiere is being performed by three musicians from the Ergon Ensemble – Kostas Panagiotidis (violin), Kostas Tzekos (clarinet), and Dimitris Travlos (cello). In this piece of mixed music notation, the composer asks his performers to use non-conventional modes of sound production – demanding the incorporation of movements made by the musicians’ bodies, the sound of their breath, and the tapping of their instruments’ resonating chambers – with the overarching aim of broadening sound production beyond the strict confines of a standard music score.

Due to Covid19 the concert will take place online. Thanks to everyone who worked to make this performance come to life. You can watch the recording here.


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