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IEM Graz Open CUBE - Participatory Electronic Music COLLAB

During the past year I had the pleasure of participating in a collective of 8 composers who, with the assistance of 2 moderators, took part in an experiment of collaborative composition. Each composer submitted anonymously a fragment of 10-15 sec. of original music every week. Subsequently, all composers of the group selected one of these fragments by voting on the best 3. After selecting collectively its preferred fragment, the group was asked to keep composing based on the selected material. At the end of the project, each composer further proposed a set of corrections. In order to be adopted, every correction had to be voted by the majority of the group. After 8 rounds of proposed corrections we arrived at the final result!

Our final project entitled "Dialogues" was presented as part of the Participatory Electronic Music COLLAB project at IEM Cube. For further information please take a look here.

The IEM CUBE at Kunstuniversität Graz features a 24 channel hemispherical Ambisonics system pictured below.



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